Special drives

Weiss also offers individual solutions in the area of special drives. An example for this are applications in the area of centrifuges and atomizing technology. In this context, a corresponding motor unit is offered as a special drive with the help of built-in motors especially designed for the process. You are looking for an experienced partner in the area of motors and special drives? Weiss Spindeltechnologie GmbH is one of the technology leaders. The company supplies customers all over the world with precision made in Germany: Motor spindles, tool machine spindles, main spindles and, for example, propeller shaft couplings. Weiss builds customized solutions, such as, for example, for centrifuges or atomizers. But also the standard spindles as milling spindles or drilling spindles are products by Weiss that are in demand worldwide. Spindle repair and spindle service is also provided by the company – all over the world. An international spare parts supply is always ensured.